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Job Analysis

A job analysis identifies the requirements to perform a job. This service is often used when there are questions about job requirements or an individualís ability to perform the job. The process includes employee interview, observation of individuals performing the job, photographic documentation, measurement of weights, distances, heights or push/pull forces.

Fit to Work, Inc. offers two types of job analysis:

  • Physical Demands Job Analysis: Often requested by a doctor or workerís compensation administrator to assist in determining whether or not an injured worker can return to his or her usual job or a new job and to assist to outline work restrictions that are needed.

  • Essential Function Job Analysis: This analysis is typically requested by an employer who wishes to make sure that their decisions made regarding hiring, promoting, or accommodating workers with disabilities are made with a clear understanding of the essential job functions as well as the physical and/or cognitive demands. This document serves as the foundation for determining reasonable accommodations.