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Fit to Work, Inc. assists employers to determine options that may assist to accommodate an employee with a disability in order to meet Americanís With Disabilities Act and FEHA regulations. This includes facilitation of the interactive process, identification of essential job functions, and development of low cost strategies that can accommodate the individual to the job. Our background in ergonomics and knowledge of human performance is used to make sure that these solutions minimize the risk of developing another compensatory injury. In other words, we strive to solve problems, not create new ones.

Case Example: A receptionist with a spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegia returned to work in a busy office. A remodel was planned to reconfigure his workspace. The interactive process included the supervisor, employee and facilities manager. Specific suggestions were provided by Fit to Work, Inc. to make sure he had adequate mobility within his cubicle, including a sufficient turning radius, and that the reach distances were minimized. Other solutions included a telephone headset, a wireless keyboard to allow him to work at the desk or on his lap, a trackball, an electric stapler, and an adapted key holder to facilitate using the key to the office and the file drawers.