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Isn’t ergonomics just for computer users?

No, ergonomics applies to every industry. Individuals who work on microscopes in a lab, who assemble parts in manufacturing and who perform shipping and receiving in the warehouse are at risk for repetitive strain or overuse injuries.

Our office workers complain of eye discomfort and headaches. Can ergonomics help them?

Yes, office workers perform visually intensive work that can over-fatigue the muscles in the eyes. There are other issues specific to individuals looking at a computer monitor throughout the day. Fit to Work, Inc. can suggest solutions to these common concerns.

Will our workers’ compensation insurance company pay for Fit to Work, Inc.’s services?

Some insurance companies have their own in-house employees who provide ergonomic services. These individuals often do not have the depth of training and experience required to perform a thorough assessment and may not have the time to devote to your specific issues. Fit to Work, Inc. can often subcontract (at your request) through your insurance carrier.

Do you follow up after ergonomic assessments have been completed?

Follow up is suggested to ensure effectiveness of the solutions and to make sure employees understand how to use new devices properly and are following other suggestions. We can arrange a post-evaluation at your request to make sure changes were made successfully.

If we request ergonomic services, will we be required to purchase equipment or furniture?

No, Fit to Work, Inc. does not sell equipment or furniture. In fact, we typically try to make recommendations that use the equipment and furniture you have on hand. If you do need to purchase new equipment or furniture, we can provide you with specifications regarding features that you should look for and can provide specific products or vendors if desired. We can also work with your purchasing staff to find products carried by your current vendors.

Can you assist us to develop programs that we can continue to run on an internal basis?

Yes, Fit to Work, Inc. has worked with companies to assist them in setting up their ergonomic program. We can meet with your team to discuss and develop the processes, forms, and training materials needed. We can also train your in house staff to perform ergonomic assessments.

We have an ergonomic program but it is not meeting our injury reduction goals. How can Fit to Work, Inc. help us?

We can perform an audit of the current program, including speaking to key “stake holders” in the process to determine opportunities for improvement. We then can provide recommendations to assist you to meet your goals.

We have internal staff who respond to ergonomic issues. However, sometimes our staff are too busy with other job assignments or the employee prefers someone that has certification in ergonomics. How can you help us?

Fit to Work, Inc. provides services to several companies that have their own in-house staff. Sometimes the company is growing too quickly or is experiencing other issues that interfere with the in-house team’s ability to respond effectively. In addition, some cases are more advanced and beyond the expertise of the in-house staff. We are available to supplement, not substitute for your in-house team.

We have had situations when an employee with a disability is having difficulty with job performance. Can you help us determine if it is related to the disability and suggest accommodations?

Yes. Fit to Work specializes in on-site testing and can develop methods to determine if the job performance is affected by the disability. If so, we can also work with the employee to determine accommodations that will allow them to safely perform the essential job functions.