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“Corporate Cost Containment”

Ergonomic programs can be the best investment companies can make! Experts at the Washington Department of Labor and Industry and Liberty Mutual reveal that companies achieve a 4:1 return on investment in their ergonomics programs. In other words, $4.00 are returned for each $1.00 invested!

Fit to Work, Inc. can assist you to develop an in-house ergonomic program or review your current program and suggest opportunities for improvement. We can develop new processes, train your in-house teams, create forms, improve reporting systems, and suggest new tracking methods. We will work with your staff to develop cost-effective product standards that can save time and money. We can even review and suggest changes to planned workstations, planned furniture purchases, or proposed changes in work processes to minimize the risk of injury and make sure you spend your money wisely the first time!

Click here to see how Fit to Work, Inc. saved one company over $4.3 million dollars in three years through the development and implementation of an ergonomics program;