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Ergonomic Solutions for the Mobile Worker

Over 49 million laptops were sold in 2004 and sales of laptops will surpass desktop computer sales in 2008.  In addition, the use of Blackberries, Treos, and Palm Pilots are exploding on the market.  More and more individuals are working on airplanes and in hotel rooms.  Add this to the record high number of telecommuters or “cyber workers” and a new set of challenges arises for the individual and their employer. Fit to Work, Inc. provides consultation to employers to minimize the risk for injury in the following ways:
  • Assistance in the development of telecommuting policies and procedures
  • Development of employee self assessment strategies
  • Home workstation assessment and recommendations
  • Development of ergonomic “tool kits” for the mobile work force, including sales and marketing staffs
  • Employee training regarding safe work methods when traveling, working on the airplane, working in hotel rooms, and using new technology